No more fresh PTs - help

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I've been studying for this test for the past 2 years and have taken it 3 times already (154 -> 156 -> 164). The score I got yesterday is 164 and I want to take the Jan test to increase my chances for some of the schools. Does anyone have advice on how to improve your score if you have no more fresh PTs left?

I've went through PT's until 80 twice, and 80-90 once. I definitely remembered some answers when I was studying for the Oct test tho, so I'm not sure what I can do to improve. I can definitely perfect my LG and maybe my LR by drilling Qs, but RC will be tough to improve on since I remember every single freaking passage lol.

ps. my best section is LG, worst is RC


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    Just go back through the tests, focusing on the modern PTs... maybe from the ones you've gone the longest without seeing. PT scoring may be inflated now but if you're stuck in the 160s it has to be that there is still value to be extracted from those tests. Remember its not just the content, but also how efficiently you respond to it.

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    Congrats on the increase and awesome score!

    Find where your weak spots are, drill, and re-do those parts of CC.

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