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Reading Comp Plateau

Jsadoo18Jsadoo18 Alum Member

Hey y'all

Writing in here to see if anyone has any advice for making gains on RC - Reading Comp:

I'm taking the November test as my last session before applying, and have not been able to figure out how to improve on RC. On average, I score perfect on Logic Games, and I average 1-3 wrong on LR; which are immense improvements from my original diagnostic range of -4 and -8. For RC however, my gains are not where I would like them to be. I started out in the 8-12 range (terrible I know) and have been able to trim that down to 4-7. Although I have made some solid progress, it just seems like i'm missing something on RC and this is costing me a T-14 score. For LG/LR, when I get a question wrong, it's almost always due to a mistake that I am able to recognize and internalize. I am also able to address the areas that I struggle with, and can address them accordingly. For RC, I realize that there are a couple questions on RC that will simply be too difficult for me to get right. However, my issue is that I continue to miss out on questions that are 50/50, and seem to be making a lot of the same mistakes on the same question types, even after Blind Reviewing for hours. After almost two years of practice, my time spent on passages has barely improved. I average almost 4-5 minutes on the passage, use the highlight functions to a large extent, and occasionally jot down Low-Res summaries for paragraphs.

At this point, i'm not sure if I can say that my issue is a practice thing. I just wish there was some way I could hone in on RC through some supplemental means, resources, courses, books, or exercises that could give me some tips and pointers.

If anyone has any advice that helped them improve on RC, any supplemental resources that they could recommend, or a general diagnosis for my situation, I would appreciate it tremendously.

Best of luck to all of you guys on your Law School journeys, keep grinding!


  • agraumanagrauman Alum Member
    57 karma

    Hi! So this is going to be kinda long but …I was having a rough time with RC and recently got some help that shifted my perspective on how to read these sections. I was getting the MP questions and others wrong a lot because I would have two answers left and not know which one to choose within the time constraints. But if you think of RC as a kind of big LR passage where you’re reading it critically in the same way, and trying to identify the conclusion and the argument points it will help(understanding that conclusion almost always = mp really helped me).
    I have also been spending a little bit more time reading the sections so that I actually understand what I’m reading. Comprehension is what this is all about, so the better it is coming together, the easier questions will be. Another possible tip would be to try doing it with fewer highlights. Highlight specific things that will help you go back and find things quickly: words that are defined, people’s names, dates etc.
    finally, I had a tutor who had me read the passages twice, write a summary and then answer the questions (untimed at first) to see if re-reading will help comprehension, but also focus on what you are doing during that second read that helps you improve. You want to understand what skills you’re using when you are performing well, so you can consciously apply them when you need them. That being said, I’m not perfect at RC (usually -2 to -4) but it’s become better for me, as I was at around -4 to -6. I hope this helps, these really helped me! Message me if you want to chat more and good luck!!

  • gabes900-1gabes900-1 Alum Member
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    Following this thread as I seem to have the same problem. Trying to get my RC more consistent. Sometimes I will go -10 sometimes I go -5, averaging out around -7. I want to get it consistently to -3 to -5.

  • firstgenlaw-1firstgenlaw-1 Alum Member
    245 karma

    Following! Same issues with RC

  • BeLikeLedeckyBeLikeLedecky Monthly Member
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    Bump to see if anyone else would like to chime in!

  • praiseolaolorunpraiseolaolorun Alum Member
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  • zzzscorezzzscore Alum Member
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