Chance for a URM for UF 3.46/161

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Wanted to know what are my chances for going to UF with these scores (trying to get at least 165 for November)

I'm going to write an addendum on why my GPA is low due to my legal issues I had to not go to school

I'm Hispanic with DACA, along with EC of winning state championships for debate


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    Have you looked at the 7sage predictor? I have heard that this will give you an advantage. Research has shown that your chances of getting into a school increases by 7ish % if you are URM. I do not know if this is true, but I have heard a lot of articles speaking about this the past years.

    "As you can see in Table 1a, law schools typically give a 7% boost to URM applicants. In other words, a URM applicant who is exactly equal to a non-URM candidate, including all other factors we control for, is 7% more likely to be admitted to any law school than a non-URM equivalent. This number is a whopping 498% in the Top 14, 126% in the Top 25, and 52% in the Top 50 law schools." - From a Powerscore blog

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    thank you!

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