PT91.S4.Q9, 21, 22 (RC)

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Heya, I'm having some trouble with three RC questions from 91+ (9 on the first passage, and 21 and 22 on the third passage). Does anyone have any thoughts on why

For 9 and 22, I was attracted to answer choices C.

Thank you :-)


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    I just did this test today. Are you sure you did 91+? #9 on mine is from the second passage.

    91+ as i see it is the section w/ MoTown, Markets Comparative, Animal Classification (Lump vs split), & Copyright.

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    Looks like #9 is on passage 2 then

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    For Q9, in order to choose C "present and interpret", both authors need to write their passages in a neutral tone because that's what present and interpret will be like. However, if you take a closer look at passage A, you will find the author's purpose is to tell you how intelligent and efficient market is. If Author A's purpose is to present you what a market is and how it functions, it should covers both advantages and disadvantages of markets. If you only read Passage A, it is very probable that you will find the market is a great tool for predicting and learning information. That's how author A is trying to do: to advocate for the market. On the other hand, if you take a look at Passage B, the author presents you her opinion of the market to be "fallible" and "people should get over it". The first paragraph sets a very strong negative tone for the whole passage that the author's purpose is to deflate the market.
    I hope this can help.

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