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Last Minute Advice for November

Scott MilamScott Milam Member Administrator Sage 7Sage Tutor
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My name is Scott Milam and I am one of the managers of the 7Sage LSAT Tutoring program (find out more here:

As we enter the last week before the November exam, I just wanted to share some last-minute exam-prep tips to the 7Sage community.

SLOW DOWN - The LSAT isn’t a chemistry final where you can cram the periodic table the night before. It’s a mental marathon that tests your ability to perform under pressure. The worst thing you can do is show up on test day mentally exhausted. Relax, slow down the pace of your studying and let your tired brain recover.

STAY IN SHAPE - While it would be a mistake to overwork yourself the week before the test, you don’t want to completely let yourself go either. Take 1-2 timed sections a day to keep yourself in fighting shape. One section should be Logic Games and the other should alternate between LR and RC. Don’t worry about scoring them - the point of these exercises isn’t to get perfect scores but just to keep your timing from getting rusty.

PRACTICE THE WAY YOU PLAY - Take your practice tests and timed sections in the same setting as you will take the real LSAT. Use the same computer, the same lighting, the same pencils and take it at the same time of day as your real test. Take your timed sections on the Lawhub interface. This will improve your retention on test day and reduce your anxiety by tricking your brain into thinking the LSAT is just another practice test. It will also help you identify any problems with your setup before the big day.

RELAX - Anxiety is your worst enemy on test day. The best preparation you can do in the last week is lower your ambient anxiety levels. Set aside intentional time to relax. Spend time with family or pets, meditate, go on a walk, or get a massage. If possible, reduce your use of stimulants in the week before the test (don’t go cold turkey, but ease off the red bull and double espressos).

GAME DAY PREPARATIONS - The night before the test, get a good night’s sleep. Eat a good breakfast and run a last minute tech check on your computer and network. Gather all your test day items (water, mirror, paper and pencils). When you log in, politely ask the proctor to pause your time if they need to talk to you during the test.

Finally, from all of us at 7Sage, good luck next week!

Scott Milam
Manager at 7Sage


  • Nico Martin MerloNico Martin Merlo Alum Member
    44 karma

    Hello, could someone specify the law hub item on this list? I logged in and it only gives me the option to take PT 90 and 73. Is there a way to have more of them? Thank you.

  • ledkarlyledkarly Alum Member
    483 karma

    Did you buy the tests when you signed up? If not, then thats why you dont have access to them. > @"Nico Martin Merlo" said:

    Hello, could someone specify the law hub item on this list? I logged in and it only gives me the option to take PT 90 and 73. Is there a way to have more of them? Thank you.

  • jlogan278jlogan278 Alum Member
    8 karma

    Why a mirror?

  • MazzyStarMazzyStar Monthly Member
    36 karma

    @jlogan278 The proctor will ask you to momentarily stand in front of a mirror holding your laptop (or I guess you could hold a mirror to the laptop if you don't have one on your wall) so that they can see your screen and keyboard.

  • cpeaks13cpeaks13 Monthly Member
    486 karma

    @jlogan278 a phone is fine too, thats what theyve always suggested to me.

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