LSAT Registration Reschedule/Refund

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I'm an international student registered for the November LSAT. I was planning to take the test in the US, but unfortunately I'm not able to fly the States this month due to unforeseen circumstances and was going to reschedule the exam to January before the test date change deadline.

I just received an email from LSAC saying that my address/time zone listed on my candidate file is located outside of the US (I haven't updated my US testing location address yet), and if I don't reply and confirm the physical address from which I will be testing before this Sunday, my "November LSAT registration will be rescinded and the test registration fees, if applicable, will be refunded."

In this case, should I just not reply to the email to get a $200 refund (not sure if I'm applicable for the refund) and register for the January LSAT before November 11 instead of rescheduling the test date?
Will the cancellation go on my record file and count towards a lifetime limit?

I want to make sure I'm not violating any rules.. :) Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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