Chicago - where did you take the LSAT?

majilatmajilat Alum Member
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Hello! Looking for suggestions for places to take the LSAT. Preferably places you've tried before and had no connectivity/noise issues.


  • lemonst3lemonst3 Yearly Member
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    I am not from Chicago, but I took the October LSAT at a hotel and had insane connection issues with ProctorU because the wifi was not secured. I would get kicked out of ProctorU every 5 minutes but continue to be able to take the test until the proctor would stop me. I worked with LSAT after the test, but they recommended if you have to take the exam in a hotel or other similar location, to get the highest premium wifi possible (this is cannot be expensed though). Hope it helps you some and good luck when you take the test.

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