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How do you get through all RC sections?

GenTheJudgeGenTheJudge Monthly Member

I'm doing well enough on answering the questions, understanding the passages...but for the love of God I am struggling to get to the 4th passage and it's killing my scores. Tips? Tricks? Helpful videos?


  • DK123456DK123456 Monthly Member
    edited November 2021 128 karma

    In the same boat, I feel like it's a hit or miss for me. Right now I have scored anywhere from -5 to -11 on PTs. I have noticed that when I stop at the beginning of the RC section and try to read the one or two sections with the most questions first, my score tends to be higher. I know it's a pretty common tip, but you may want to see if this works for you if you are not doing it already.

  • andrew.rsnandrew.rsn Alum Member
    831 karma

    Time management is the key. One tip that I learned which helped me (as much as It could) is to spend more time upfront reading and then be very aggressive in the questions. Don't allow time to second guess yourself, and only go back to the reading if you absolutely need to.

  • ShuttahgawdShuttahgawd Monthly Member
    edited November 2021 126 karma

    I recommend reading not to memorize the passage completely on your first read, and to get the author's opinion, the frame work, and the main conclusion (wherever that maybe). It's a tough skill to gain (some may rare talent) to read a passage once and have complete understanding of it.

    The best method my personal experience is to find those key components, maybe note where somethings that standout such as referential phrasing, when the author actually states an opinion, and the previous points stated above. Everything else, you can refer back to the passage for. (This is no skimming. Skimming will result in a sea of red, I have tried. :') )

    I realized I was going to refer back to the passage anyway when answering questions, following this method help me gain time and gain a better understanding because I am being more strategic with my initial read.

    This is also a skill to work on, but it can be picked up relatively fast in regards to other skills needed such as an solid understanding of logic.

    My favorite resources outside of this site is the LSAT lab and Manhattan Prep (the free LSAT hours) on YouTube. For Manhattan, there are even videos on speed strategies for all three sections as well as a bunch of hour long videos that have tips on question types across the test.

    I hope this helped. Best of luck! You are 180 bound!

    Example from Manhattan

  • yunonsieyunonsie Alum Member
    611 karma

    I would take a section, tell yourself you don't really care about the score just yet, and focus intently on getting to all four passage and answering all ~27 questions. If you're not able to finish the whole section now, this should be faster than you are comfortable with. That way, you'll have a better sense for how the pace should feel. I'd work on getting those questions right after that :) Also keep in mind, timing strategies are personal. The ratio of time spent reading versus time spent answering will differ per person, you just have to find what works best for you.

  • mattscrappymattscrappy Alum Member
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    Could be anecdotal, but personally I find that reading the passage for the joy of learning something new helps me retain the content better while still reading it quickly.
    Every time I've tried to read it for structure (like I read LR), I end up confusing myself and taking much longer than I need to.

  • GenTheJudgeGenTheJudge Monthly Member
    60 karma

    Thank you everyone so much for taking time out of studying to respond (: I took a hybrid of everyone's advice and got only -5, all answers attempted, for the first time!! Appreciate you all. Best of luck on the LSAT to you

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