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LR questions of this type give me such problems. Not insofar as getting the question correct, but with timing. Not really a big math guy, so I guess it makes sense why I'm struggling with them.
With level 1 & 2 questions I never really have a problem, but when the questions get more difficult my brain freezes and I don't really know what to focus on. I start playing around with the percentages and numbers and am usually able to arrive at the correct answer through brute force/process of elimination. Problem is that they typically take me around 2:00-2:45.

I make flashcards for LR that gave me a lot of trouble and I'd say around 60% of them are questions that involve numbers and percentages. Getting these questions right QUICKLY would help me out immensely. I realize that this is something I must work on and so I'm looking for any advice on how I can get better with these questions. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. TIA


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    I have the same problem. These questions really give me a headache since I've always hated math lol. But drilling is your best friend. I think Cambridge has drilling packets for LR questions that include percentages and numbers. Drill these to get a pattern of what type of flaw they always present. It's usually the flaw that percentages don't necessarily reveal quantity, and quantity does not reveal percentage. This is a typical flaw that questions make.

    For instance, it'll say person A secured a 10% increase in their pay this year, but his friend, person B, secured only a 3% increase in his pay. Therefore, person A received a more money than person B.

    They'll mask this with more convoluted language and present a lot of context just to confuse you.
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    Thanks for giving me a heads up about the Cambridge packets for percentages and numbers. Just bought it and would have never known about it w/o you telling me so really appreciate it!
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