PT91.S2.Q13 - C vs D

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Can anyone help me in understanding why D is a better option than C? I was stuck between the two on the actual test.

Thank you so much!


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    The argument basically says this:

    P1. Psych problems have internal and external causes
    P2. External causes are based on relationships
    C. To help psych problem, you must deal with relationships

    Now, the conclusion would make sense if there were only external causes. But, there are external causes as well. So, when the argument says that you must deal with relationships (which are linked to external causes), it assumes that internal can't do it on its own.

    D. expresses this idea. Since the argument says you must deal with the external, it makes the necessary assumption that dealing with internal is not good enough.

    C. I am not entirely sure, but I think this is not correct because it makes too bold of a claim. The statement says that change will improve the person's health. However, I don't think the argument makes such guarantees. The psychotherapist says that this is the preferred treatment, but not that it has a 100% success rate. This is why C seems more like a sufficient assumption instead of necessary. It isn't necessary because that treatment need not succeed for the psychotherapist to still say that it is something that must be done.

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    Hey, the key is to understand the conclusion here is : to help the patient heal, the psychotherapist must focus on the need for positive change in those relationships.
    The conclusion have this structure of to do something, one MUST do something. The flaw here is why can't I do something else to achieve the same results? why is focusing on need for positive change in relationships absolutely necessary?
    D is saying no psychotherapist can help help solely by addressing internal causes which means to help them heal, they must do things other than internal causes, which is perfect.
    C is talking about patient but the conclusion is concluding about what psychotherapist must do, so it is irrelevant.

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