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Advice: Have the LSAC Candidate Agreement on hand for actual test

galacticgalactic Yearly Member
edited November 2021 in General 690 karma

Hello 7Sagers,

For those who have already tested, I hope you crushed!!

For those testing tomorrow and Sunday, a word of advice:

Have this page readily available in case your proctor is unaware of LSAC policy:

My proctor disallowed my water bottle even though it met the specified requirements. Thankfully I had another one available that he deemed OK so I didn't have to get into it with him -- but looking back on it (hindsight's 20/20 of course), it would have been better to just show him the policy straight from LSAC and end the matter right there.

So this is not a bash on the proctor or anything -- they proctor a range of tests so it's completely understandable that they don't know every single LSAC rule -- but just a reminder to (politely) show them the reference if you have to and carry on smartly.

Hope this helps!

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