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Studying Stress

Aaron123Aaron123 Alum Member
in General 51 karma

So whenever I sit down to study and have a hard time getting something I get super stressed. I noticed that my mind looks for an escape and I just open a new tab and wander just to avoid the stress.
Anyone experience anything like this? Any advice?


  • gabes900-1gabes900-1 Alum Member
    855 karma

    I used to experience this a lot more than I do now. What you’re going through is, at least in my opinion, normal response to how much harder the LSAT is to what most people’s expectations are of the LSAT before they start studying.

    I would try to journal what is bothering you and try to set reminders to keep studying or attack that thing that is giving you trouble.

    If you are burnt out, and this is why you are stressed, then maybe taking a break is a good thing.

  • gabes900-1gabes900-1 Alum Member
    855 karma

    Not getting something is okay. But, trying is important. Some people, including myself in the past, would not get something, get angry and then not address the problem properly or fully. This is where you don’t want to be if you want to improve significantly on this test.

    Instead, I think it’s smart to assess what I don’t know and work on it, a lot, while still working on my strengths too. As long as I am doing this with my studies, I feel good despite my score maybe staying the same for a while on a given section. At least I’m putting in the work.

    I hope this helps.

  • Aaron123Aaron123 Alum Member
    51 karma

    It could be I'm being too much of a perfectionist. I should try to document what my struggles are...and have a beer.

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