PT91.S1.Q17-22 (G4) - Someone please help with me with question I do not get it at all!!!

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Hello, I just want to know how this question is mapped out I am confused on why I am getting it wrong !!

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    Can you give me the test, section, and question number? No one will be able to help you without those things.

  • roseewdish-1roseewdish-1 Member
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    Hello, pt91 section 1 problems 17-22. Thank you!!

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    Do you mean the experimental section for the LG? That’s going to be difficult to do through the forum.

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    I'm a little out of practice, but I just ran through this problem set. The one about the Advertising group?

    It's pretty straight forward actually. It's an In and Out Game. So you lay out your rules, and draw a 2 column game board for In and Out. A number of the rules can be connected together. I didn't come up with my inferences ahead of time, since there are quite a few different outcomes.

    A number of the middle questions are hard to solve if you don't have multiple game boards, so I would recommend anwering the question that give you a premise, like "If F is in" etc. then double back to the more open ended questions at the end like "what cannot be true"

    As long as you're careful with the rules and have a good understanding of conditionality and doing contrapositives, you should be okay. Was there a specific question you couldn't figure out or just the whole Game threw you for a loop?

    If you have a specific question, feel free to send a private message

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