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LR Question Types not covered in core curriculum?

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Hey everyone,

So in roughly 2 days I should be done the core curriculum ultimate course. As I've been going along with the course I've bought the huge LR packet for LR, which has all the questions for every question type, like weakening, main point, NA etc.

While I've been doing the massive packets I've been putting every .pdf I've completed into the completed folder, and I was assuming once I'm done the 7Sage course I'll probably be done them all.

So unfortunately I have 4 .pdfs leftover. The first one is called Complete the Passage, (which one of the following most logically completes the paragraph, they have a big ____ in the stimulus). There's only 19 of these Questions so I'm not too concerned, I'll just apply the skills I learned from LR to do them.

Second one is also just 16 questions labelled evaluate, and the question stems say stuff like which one of the following would be most relevant in evaluating the conclusion of blahblah. Again not super concerned.

The third one is Paradox questions, and I've seen that term thrown about here in the forums too. There's 126 questions, and I don't see 7Sage having any lessons for them which kind of worries me.

The last one is called Principle (Identify), note that this is not the same as Principle (Apply) questions. I did those questions already, and they related to the lessons that 7Sage provides on principle questions. But these principle identify questions seem a little different, so I'm not sure how to approach them, maybe the same way I approach principle apply questions?

Sorry for the lengthy post but I really needed some feedback! I know lots of people here complement the Cambridge packets, so I thought it might help other people as well.

Also I'm guessing I'll most likely just have to use the skills I learned in LR from the other questions and apply them to these question types, but I'm hoping maybe 7Sage has some examples, especially for the Paradox questions.


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    Paradox is just resolve/reconcile/explain.

    I’ve seen Principle ID in two forms: 1. where you have to figure out the principle from the stimulus and match it to the answer (much like an inference question) and 2. Where you have to figure out the principle and then find an example in the answer choices that matches that principle. LSAT Trainer covers these all pretty well. It’s essentially an inference question where you apply the stimulus to the answers rather than apply answers to the stimulus, like you would do for pretty much every other type of question.
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