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Inconsistent PT scores and gap between BR and timed scores #Help

TAL42298TAL42298 Core Member
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Hello, I am having a hard time figuring out why my timed scores are all over the place. When I go through my results in the "Analytics" page, the chart mapping my timed scores is like a series of waves - one test I`ll hit as low as a 155-158, the next will be in the 160-166 range, and then the next will be back down in the mid-high 150s. To make matters worse, my BR scores are all over 160 (I typically get between a 161-170 on my BRs).

To me, this signifies that I am CAPABLE of attained a low-mid 160 (which is what I'm shooting for on January`s test), but the inconsistent nature of my scores, coupled with the huge gap between my timed and BR scores, is really throwing me off. What am I doing wrong, and what, if anything, can I do to bridge this gap and consistently hit the 160+ mark?

For reference, I study 4-6 days/week (have been doing this for a few months), taking 1 PT/week, and have taken all of the LR and LG lessons. My weakest section is easily LG, as I average ~11-12 wrong per test, and I have wildly inconsistent RC and LR scores (I`ve gotten as low as -0 on RC, but typically get 2-5 wrong, and my LR can range from as high as 10 wrong to as low as -1, with 4-7 being average for me). Is there something wrong with my study habits? Has anyone else had a similar experience since starting 7Sage?

Any tips are greatly appreciated.


  • TAL42298TAL42298 Core Member
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    Also, forget to mention that the reason I do so poorly on LG is because I typically only answer 12-17 of the questions on a given timed LG section. If I have time to complete a timed RC section, that's when I see my best scores, same with LR, but I don't always finish them entirely.

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    One thing I can tell you is that when you do your practice tests do not even choose (leave blank) those answers you are extremely uncomfortable about, like you have no idea why you chose this answer. This will give you the basics of what curve you are in and this is the score you can for sure count on. The rest might be luck, strategy, you name it.

    This does not come from me, this is the tactics that JY recommended in one of the podcasts.

    I hope that will help. Once you figure out your solid average the rest is playing with strategy and seeing how you can better you understanding of questions you do not understand.

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