Reading Comp - tips on how you read the passage

How do you read the passage for RC? What is helpful for you?
Also what are some common traps you have found in RC answer choices?


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    I don't know how well you're doing (maybe you should be giving me tips instead), but as someone averaging -4/5 on RC, what I've found really helpful is just engaging with the passages. Read it, enjoy it, breathe etc. Try to relax and avoid doing anything extra. LSAT passages are not the easiest read, but I have found that it's helpful to not let the occasion get to you.

    On that note, I have discovered that the less I highlight, the better. I have never used notations as far as RC goes (I won't start now), but I used to highlight a bit. Then I realized all that highlighting was just a distraction. It was getting in the way of me really understanding the passages and retaining crucial info. Now I highlight maybe 1 or 2 lines in an entire passage, and I feel like that's working for me.

    Hope you this helps. Good luck

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    I read slowly. (Or what feels slow to me.) It’s far better to read something once and understand it than to panic read something quickly 5 times and not fully comprehend. I also give myself the space to re-read something if it’s just not clicking. Sometimes I’ll re-read a paragraph several times if it’s complex. Every passage has 3 or 4 big ideas, make sure you understand what they are as well as the general flow and the structure. That understanding should come naturally if you read carefully and with a genuine curiosity. I like to think of every passage as a chance to learn something new about the world! Regardless of the subject, approaching RC with interest is a good way to stay focused and engaged.

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    Thank you both for the advice! I am scoring average -11 so I am grateful for any tip! Does not help that english is my second language, but I have learned that if I understand the passage I can brut force the answers. If I do not understand the passage then I will be wasting time on the answers for sure.

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