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What did you think of PT 91?

emmorensemmorens Core Member
edited January 2022 in General 1470 karma

Just took PT 91, I scored around my average (164) but went -11 on RC, when I usually fall between -6 and -4.
I personally thought RC was more difficult, but that seems like an unfair judgment since it's BECAUSE I didn't do well on it lol.
Just thought I'd check with the community since there aren't a lot of stats about it! Trying not to let that RC score get me with my exam right around the corner.


  • yanebbtyyanebbty Member
    3 karma

    -13 and i'm usually around -6/-7 as well, I felt good going through the readings but my score obviously doesn't reflect that LOL. writing on saturday so feeling a little bummed

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