Urgent help with Sufficient / Necessary Assumption questions!

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I average -10 on LR and am trying to get that to -8 before test day next week. I am terrible at Sufficient Assumption and Necessary Questions. I struggle to determine the missing gap in both questions. Is there any advice someone could give me?


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    also, how do I perform the negate test? I am unsure of how to apply this test but I've heard its helpful

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    For the negate test, you simply negate what the answer choice says and see if the conclusion still holds afterwards. For instance, if the AC says "the bears weren't hibernating that winter" and the conclusion is "the bears are responsible for eating all the berries," the negation of the AC would be "the bears were hibernating that winter." The negation here would cause the conclusion to be invalid and thus needs to be true, and would therefore be the correct answer. Other answer choices like "the bears like to roll around after they eat," if you negate them, don't affect the validity of the conclusion.

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    Paraphrase and also use what if test. I Struggled for the longest.
    Paraphrase will help you with SA easily
    Paraphrase+ what if (idea destroys the argument). What if is precisely the negate test. However, do what if on every argument, NA will become the easiest.

    I usually work M-F every week. January 17th is Martin luther king Jr birthday, so i will be off. What if an emergency or a type of work that requires me to go to work. NA would be there is no emergency that would occur (negated my what if)

    What if our job mandated to celebrate the birthday at work. (NA would be jobs routinely do not mandate to celebrate at work).

    For me when i used what if method from Loophole, it was a game changer. Everyone is different and different style suits different people.

    The negate test U_U stated, be careful with your translator words

    All negates <-> Some not . All = 100, Some not = 0-99. I.e. you cannot go from All to None when negating.
    Some negates <-> None, Some = 1-99, None = 0
    Most negates<-> Most Not: Most = >50 and Most note >1, but<50

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    Thank you guys! appreciate it greatly @AryanSingh @u______u

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