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Accommodation help

PatBackkPatBackk Monthly Member

I was approved for accommodations for the exam next week and it's my first time taking with accommodations. I've taken the LSAT twice before. For those of you that have done this already, is the proctor already aware of your accommodations when you begin? Do you need to confirm with them or show them anything? I want to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible.


  • FutureEsqFutureEsq Member
    105 karma

    I called in regards to this and the LSAC rep I talked to said that the Proctor will know ahead of time that you have accommodations. I assume its on your LSAC profile they receive. You can definitely give them a call to double check, the CSR's are extremely nice.

  • hotranchsaucehotranchsauce Alum Member
    288 karma

    Do not assume the proc will know anything. Download the accom. statement PDF from your LSAC profile (the document that shows what you've been approved for) and have it ready to show the proc. It's your responsibility to advocate for yourself if the proc is ignorant of your accommodations.

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