Just some late words of encouragement for those taking the January exam. I tested in November and during the first section (LG) I was interrupted by the proctor 3 separate times, and not once did she pause my time. Because of this, I was unable to answer the final two Qs of the section. I was very frustrated because I was PTing at -0 to -1 on LG and believed I needed to match that on the exam to have any hope of achieving my goal score. As the next section began, I tried my best to put the disappointment behind me and focus on the rest of the exam. I’m glad I did because I remember feeling very good about how I did on the remainder of the test. And lo and behold, when the scores were released, I receive my exact goal score. Obviously, if you encounter some major issues, you are likely going to want to appeal for a retest. But if you hit some obstacles along the way, just try your best to put it behind you and focus on what’s still ahead. You never know, things might just work out in the end. Good luck!

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