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Impossible to get an answer for this: Can online/Flex LSAT be taken on a non-full screen?!?!

JD__2528JD__2528 Alum Member
in General 93 karma

Hey you guys,

I've seen some questions and answers regarding whether LSAT Flex can be taken on full-screen.
I was not able to find any answers on the other way around.

I don't have a laptop, but instead I have an 27inch iMac. My screen is too huge to have my LSAT page full-screen.
It would just be a nightmare having to move my mouse back and forth just to click on the next button.

For those of you kind people who have an experience with taking LSAT Flex (or however you call it now - at home LSATs with your own cpts), were you able to adjust the screen size to your preference?

Thanks for the help. I might have to find some ways to rent a laptop if the above is not the case :/


  • jingzesun93jingzesun93 Alum Member
    15 karma

    It's better to get a laptop. They would ask you to turn your computer around and even below your desk to check the environment. Besides, it's not a good idea to burden yourself with things like computer before such an important exam.

  • Ben LongBen Long Monthly Member
    29 karma

    Would it be feasible to enlarge the display scaling to something like 175% within MacOS, and then zoom in and out even further within your web browser?

  • JD__2528JD__2528 Alum Member
    93 karma

    Thanks, will definitely have the above points into consideration!

  • Utility BillUtility Bill Monthly Member
    74 karma

    You'll take the test on LawHub. If you're able to minimize the screen with your preferred browser using that platform, there shouldn't be a difference on the test the day of unless your proctor says something.

  • sb253310sb253310 Alum Member
    58 karma

    I took mine on my MacBook Pro, but I did not have LawHub in full screen mode because I wanted to be able to see the time on the menu bar at the top as I took my test. My proctor did not even acknowledge it, so I doubt it would be an issue for it to not be full screen.

  • z.stan31z.stan31 Monthly Member
    60 karma

    I don't think it would be a problem but I'm not sure how you would show ProctorU the 360 or the room you are in and the top and underneath of your desk.

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