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Should we study for the LSAT when we're sleep deprived?

BlueRiceCakeBlueRiceCake Member
edited January 2022 in General 302 karma

So I didn't get a lot of sleep today and Ive been trying to do some new logic games but I feel sluggish and like my braining is buffering everything slowly. I'm gonna wait until I get a good night's sleep before I attempt anymore LSAT stuff but this left me with a question. Do you guys think the optimum way to study the LSAT is only when you get a good night of sleep or should we study the LSAT even if wwe're sleep deprived?

  1. Is the optimum way to study the LSAT working everyday regardless of sleep deprivation?36 votes
    1. Nah drink some milk and get some sleep
    2. Drink a Red Bull and grind baby!!!!


  • WouldRatherBeEatingWouldRatherBeEating Alum Member
    456 karma

    I definitely wouldn’t want to study new, timed material while sleep deprived, but I might review previous logic games or review other core curriculum material. Sometimes, though, it’s just better to rest & recover.

  • mesposito886mesposito886 Member
    254 karma

    So long as you've given yourself enough time to study for this test, privilege quality over quantity. Better to skip one night of studying and feel refreshed the next day than function at half capacity over the course of several days.

  • LegallyLSATLegallyLSAT Live Member
    edited January 2022 172 karma

    No and here's why. People tend to not thoroughly analyze things and study well when they are tired. It's best to take a break (eat, sleep, or watch a bit of tv) and then come back to studying.

    I agree with what the first user said and the second user also brings up a good point. Logic games tends to be the one section I know for a fact I could study while being tired, but LR and RC questions are out of the question. I need all my brain power there.

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