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It's time for a change (seeking tutor!)

Pretzel LogicPretzel Logic Monthly Member
in General 226 karma

Hi 7sagers,

I'm looking for a tutor after what I believe was a poor performance on Jan LSAT, my fourth. Previous best was a 160 in November and I was targeting a 162-3 this time around. I'm expecting under 160, definitely frustrating. Worked really hard, was doing 4 game sections plus some RC and LR every day, but I did a few PTs the week before the test and struggled. Went into the test a little unconfident.

It's been about 8 months of full-time studying and something needs to change. Effort is there but results aren't coming.

RC: Around -7 every time. The 2-passage RC passages suck up a lot of my time when I'm not getting the fine differences.
LR: Consistently around a -5 to -8.
LG: Around a -3 or -4 but I had poor timing on Jan LSAT, couldn't adequately attack 4th game.

My budget isn't crazy high but it's something, so DM me with your price regardless!

Thank you!

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