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Need Some Encouragement

candisaulscandisauls Monthly Member

I'm discouraged because of my January score. I was extremely sick at the time (with Covid) and my score is much lower than I was making on my practice tests. I'm already signed up to retake for the February exam, which is in 10 days, because I want to apply to law school before the March 15th priority deadline. But now I'm doubting myself and rethinking everything and thinking maybe I should wait and retest in the Fall and apply for the next cycle. I just really wanted to go to law school this Fall...


  • CarrytheBoats-1-1-1CarrytheBoats-1-1-1 Alum Member
    84 karma

    This might be time to ask yourself some really tough questions. Have you studied hard enough to feel very confident that you will get a higher score/target score in 10 days? What schools are you wanting to attend? If your top choices are all reach schools and your LSAT is below the 25th, then it's probably better to wait. That being said how much work have you put into the rest of your application (i.e. essays)? Whatever you decide, aim to act in your long-term best interest. :blush:

  • reilly.j.doddreilly.j.dodd Alum Member
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    I don't know your personal situation, but you only get so many attempts at this test in so many years. If this score doesn't materialize for you, then that's just one fewer chances to get the score you want.

    Secondly, if you're coming out of undergrad and have the means to wait, then wait on law school! Taking a gap year to get a job related to whatever field of law you are interested in, no matter if its just answering calls or filing digital papers, will give you a lot of perspective on what kinds of law you want to study, what kind of attorney you want to be, or if you really even want to be an attorney at all. Law school isn't a bed of roses by any means, nor is the drivel of actually practicing law. A little time, clarity, and real world experience might really impact your perspective. I myself am taking a gap year while working at a local firm and studying for the LSAT and have another friend who is moving to a new state to pursue nonprofit consulting to see if they prefer that.

    This opinion really applies only if you do have those times and means. If life is moving fast and you can't afford to wait, then I would say why bother to ponder the question and dedicate your heart to putting together the best application materials you can!

    Any case, good luck dude, and sucks about your last test. COVID is a bih

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