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I hope everyone is doing well and that studying is coming along nicely. I’m sure we can all use a dose of motivation from time to time and I recently came across a podcast that I have found to be a great resource for me thinking long term on what can sometimes feel like a very long and difficult road to becoming a lawyer. Keeping the goal in mind is always very helpful to me. I have several areas of law that interest me, but have always been curious as to what it would be like in other fields and what their day to day work looks like. The How I Lawyer Podcast interviews practicing lawyers from a variety of specialities to answer these questions. I’d enjoy hearing back from you on whether you found this helpful in motivating you, and maybe what fields became of interest after listening. Here’s a link for those who use apple products:

The podcast can also be found on a variety of other platforms.

Enjoy your weekend and happy listening!


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    Thanks for sharing! Simply the law school itself will be a three-year-long investment (both financially and timely), and it's great to know people's insights on this investment as well as the 'return' afterward.

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