PT20.S2.Q6 (P1) - weakening question

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I can see why (B) is correct but I cannot figure out why (C) is wrong. Referring to Line 32 - 34, I thought jazz purists don't like jazz music be play with electic piano. Thus, (C) will also weaken author's characterization on the purists. Could someone explain why? Thanks a lot.

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    For me, AC C isn't appealing because contemporary jazz purists and jazz critics aren't necessarily the same. So while Davis's contemporaries might have reacted negatively, jazz critics might have reacted positively. I hope that helps.

    edit: To be more clear, the question stem is asking you to undermine the author's explanation for the way Miles Davis is regarded by Jazz critics, which is why the distinction between "jazz purists" and "jazz critics" is important. They're not the same group. We don't know how the "critics" felt about the electric piano, only how the "purists" felt.

    Another problem with this AC is that it talks about "electronic instruments" and not the electric piano/keyboard. Maybe jazz critics love the electric guitar (another type of electronic instrument). We just don't know. Which is why AC C is not an attractive AC. I hope that helps.

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