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LSAT Tips: Flagging

RaphaelPRaphaelP Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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Hey everyone!

7Sage tutor/manager Raphael here - in this week's LSAT Digest, I discuss flagging questions: why people do it wrong and how to improve it.

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  • Lucky4YouLucky4You Monthly Member
    38 karma

    The biggest improvement in my scores I saw last cycle was from learning to flag questions I didnt immediately understand. My system was if I had that "Wtf is this talking about?" moment I flagged it and moved on. Dont take time away from questions that are do able.
    Its better to crush all the questions you understand and waste the spare time trying to figure out the remainders. The trick is to only have a few you have to flag. I strive for 1-2 each section.

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