PT84.S1.Q1 (P1) - Evidence that the earth's atmosphere

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With this question, I chose (C) over (D) due to 'becoming warmer'.
As (b) is eliminated with the same reason, I thought this whole passage doesn't talk about the future, but only focuses on what happened in the past 100 years. I got the detail that "greenhouse is the major cause" should be included, but (c) was more compelling to me as 'becoming warmer' seemed like a huge red flag for me.

I don't know why I get confused and waste time on relatively easy and clear-cut questions for others.

Overall, I think I'm too obsessed with details and words at this point. I tried to build the habit of not loosing details and tried to balance between holding on to the main structure, but now I feel like I have a serious problem of just maybe reading skill in general..?

Hope someone could give advice on my thought process...Really need help to improve on RC

Huge thanks in advance!!

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    Hey there!

    Just want to share with you my thoughts:

    Why do you think "becoming warmer" was a red flag to you?

    I'm not sure I eliminated (B) because it talked about the future, but more because airborne sulfates being important isn't what the passage emphasized.

    The last part of (C) I'm not sure is stated in the passage, so it can't be the main point if it's not stated.

    Although (D) talks about the future, I don't think talking about the future should be something you're eliminating an answer choice for. From the gist of the passage, it looks like to me the author is citing past data to show an ongoing trend that's happening right now. I think it's okay to say the author thinks the earth is inherently "becoming warmer".

    With the way you're describing your issues, I think you may benefit from a tutor to talk out the problems you're having with RC. If you'd like, you can schedule a free consultation with with me here:

    I hope this helps!

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