PT10.S4.Q10 - Decision makers tend to have distinctive styles

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would answer choice B be incorrect because of "do not know?" what makes A a better choice?

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    I think B really hinders on "believe in until after... ". The reason I say this is because we are not given anything in the stim that shows what the decision makers ideas really are. They could believe one thing or another. They could still have a firm belief in what they are saying to the group, but they are kind of feeling it out if that makes sense. B is almost saying that the decision makers have no ideas of their own until after they have gotten feedback from the group. We just dont have that info in the stim. In the stim it says "making up his or her mind". Does that mean that the decision maker doesnt know what idea he/she has or they just seeing what everyone thinks? Put it this way, if you were firm set in an idea, but really wanted to know what others think, does that mean you dont have that strong belief against something or other until AFTER the alternatives have been given? Nope.

    Hope that helps!

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