PT16.S2.Q24 - role of the Uplandian supreme court

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Can you help me break down this question? My understanding of the argument is: the two sub-conclusions are inconsistent with each other (outside principles vs constitution only), therefore the first sentence is not true. I selected answer choice E because it seemed like the most reasonable option, but I don't understand the structure of the argument and what does the "particular premise" in answer choice E refers to? Thank you!

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    I think this is an argument that leads to a contradiction. Mapped out it looks like this:

    Role: Protect HR
    ~Constitution Explicit --> SC Outside Constitution
    ~ HR Subject --> SC Inside Constitution

    Must use Constitution

    False(Role: Protect HR)

    In letter terms:



    A is false

    E) basically states we could as easily conclude C is false instead of A which is easy to see when you substitute in the letters.

    Hope this helps!

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