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I'm consistently scoring -12 or -13 in my LR section

prisshdzzprisshdzz Monthly Member

After going through all of the core curriculum, I'm still scoring -12 or -13 on LR. Does anyone have any recommendations?


  • emmaharutyunyan25emmaharutyunyan25 Monthly Member
    9 karma

    Read Mike Kim the LSAT Trainer, helped me a lot

  • chrleesjchrleesj Monthly Member
    31 karma

    Is it because you are running out of time or because you are getting the answers wrong?

  • kwillar9kwillar9 Monthly Member
    221 karma

    Ellen Cassidy's Loophole! It's like 35 bucks on Amazon.

  • prisshdzzprisshdzz Monthly Member
    61 karma

    I'm mostly getting 3 and 4 star questions wrong. The easier questions are all right. > @chrleesj said:

    Is it because you are running out of time or because you are getting the answers wrong?

  • pegahnasrollpegahnasroll Monthly Member
    edited June 17 117 karma

    Are you blind reviewing? Blind reviewing is a good way to see if you actually know the material or if you're just having a timing problem. If you're getting more questions correct during your BR then you're probably just struggling with timing and just need to keep practicing, if you're not improving in your BR then I would suggest reviewing some of the core lessons. Goodluck!

  • chrleesjchrleesj Monthly Member
    31 karma

    If you're getting the questions wrong, I'd maybe keep a wrong answer journal. That helped me a lot with understanding LR! I went from getting 8-10 questions wrong on LR to missing 1-2.

    For the wrong answer journal, you can copy the question you got wrong into a doc and then write:
    -the question type
    -the reason why you missed it (were you rushing? did you struggle between 2 choices?)
    -your reasoning behind each answer choice (like why it doesn't work or why it's correct)
    -a note to yourself on what to do next time

    hope this helps!

  • JohnathanJohnathan Monthly Member
    edited June 18 75 karma

    Find a good rhythm - for me I have question types that I will immediately flag & come back to (Parallel Flaw, questions with lengthy answer choices) b/c I understand that it's just not my cup of tea. If it's difficulty level that's the biggest issue - try a PT and do 1-13 & then work backwards from 25, some of the toughest questions come in the middle, 23 & 24 are also typically tough Qs. Find a strategy that works for you. Also do blind review, can't stress this enough. Review is everything. Best of luck!

  • madisont144madisont144 Monthly Member
    80 karma

    The LSAT Trainer, highly recommend.

  • Steven_B-1Steven_B-1 Monthly Member
    428 karma

    First of all, don't despair. It's okay to still be making mistakes even after completing the CC. The CC builds your foundation but now you need to put that into action, and apply all that you've learned on specific questions and drilling sets.

    I do agree with someone above that The Loophole is a great supplement to 7Sage because it reinforces the ideas we learn here but with different examples and different words. Sometimes, hearing the same thing in other words actually helps ossify knowledge.

    Make sure you're blind revieweing every question you got wrong and any questions you felt unsure on because you might have just gotten lucky. Each mistake is an opportunity to improve and to learn how the LSAT works. The more in-depth your review, the easier it'll be for you to start seeing patterns and see the repetitiveness that everyone talks about when discussing the LSAT.

    It's also important to identify weaknesses by question type. After I finished the CC, I did a couple of PTs and through 7sage's analytics, I noticed that I was having a lot of trouble with parallel questions (took wayyy too long) and with NA questions. So what I created problem sets by question type using PTs 1-16 or 1-18, can't remember. But the point is that drilling by question type is also a veryyyy good strategy because it'll teach you the ins and outs of what the LSAT likes to do for each question type. I highly recommend this.

    Get better at eliminating wrong answer choices. The LSAT gets 10X easier when you're able to eliminate garbage answer choices and on at least half the questions, there are 2-3 absolutely BAD answer choices. You need to train yourself to see this quickly and that's going to allow you to be faster -> calmer -> more time to tackle the hard questions. It's not just about being able to get the easy ones correct, you need to get the correct at a good pace so you can be calm and clear-headed when you get to the tough questions!

    Ultimately, perfect practice makes perfect. You can do this ! Take it one question at a time and enjoy the experience. See you around!

  • prisshdzzprisshdzz Monthly Member
    61 karma

    Thank you so much to everyone for your comments! They have been really helpful :)

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