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How to Study? What am I doing wrong

Gatsby96Gatsby96 Monthly Member

Hey everyone!

I noticed that I have been scoring around 18-19 marks out of each LR section I do.

I usually get around 18/24 on each LR section that is untimed.

But when it is timed I always get less than 18 questions right.

Is there any suggestions anyone can give me? How would I improve myself under timed conditions

Thank you!


  • HopefullyHLSHopefullyHLS Monthly Member
    445 karma

    Sorry, did I understand correctly that you get 18-19/25-26 in LR untimed?

    If so, that means you get 6-8 wrong in LR untimed. That indicates that there are some things you have to work on with regards to your fundamentals. Therefore, I would for now leave practicing under timed conditions aside and work on my fundamentals if I were you.

    Have you gone through the 7sage core curriculum? If not, that's a very good place to start with. Generally, in each LR question you do untimed, your aim should be understanding the following things:

    1. Why the right answer choice is right.
    2. Why all other wrong answer choices are wrong.
    3. (In case you got it wrong) What made the wrong answer choice so attractive that you chose it and the right answer choice so unattractive that you did not choose it?

    Keep practicing untimed until you get max. 1-2 questions wrong, and only then move to timed practicing. It is a slow process, but it helps you 1000x more than simply moving from LR-section to LR-section and doing them timed. If you don't deeply understand your mistakes and develop a strategy how to avoid them next time, you will never improve.

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