PT43.S3.Q04 Does anyone know what type of flaw this is?

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PT43 S3 Q04. The name/type of flaw will be so helpful for my study routine. I would appreciate any guidance if any. Thank you so much and happy studying!

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  • paulyou77paulyou77 Monthly Member
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    I am not so sure but I think whole to part?/Part to whole because just because some parents get a thing that they most want, like discipline, it does not necessarily mean that the parents are not going to find anything wrong with the program. Once again, I admit, I am not so sure but I think it is part to whole. Please correct me if I am wrong because I am also curious...

  • BennWalkBennWalk Monthly Member
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    Thank you! You are onto something and I appreciate your reply very much:)

  • claremontclaremont Alum Member
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    I image it would be something along the lines of "doesn't address the argument."

  • BennWalkBennWalk Monthly Member
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    @claremont Thank you!

  • WinningHereWinningHere Monthly Member
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    Would not say this is a famous flaw such as part to whole, but rather which answer choice is accurately descriptive of what’s going on?

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