PTF97.S1.Q20 - Why AC E is incorrect?

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Can someone help me with this question? I understand why AC B is correct but I'm having a hard time understanding why AC E is incorrect.

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    Hi @erica.barra!

    Like the other incorrect ACs, E is incorrect because it isn't a necessary assumption the reasoning in the stimulus relies upon. In other words, the reasoning in the stimulus could be sound even if E was not the case.

    For NA questions, we're looking for what we would normally think of as weak answers. The wrong ACs might strengthen the argument in the stimulus, or even be sufficient to justify the argument's reasoning, but none of them will provide a necessary condition for the argument. If all the wrong ACs are false, the argument may not be as strong as possible, but it won't be completely undermined. In contrast, the right AC is the only one that is absolutely necessary: if we take it away, the argument falls apart. It won't do much to strengthen, but its presence is crucial to the argument.

    Imagine a world where E is false. This means that at least one of the 45 most recently established opera companies was not established as a result of enthusiasm on the part of a potential audience. By itself, that wouldn't be enough to totally undermine the stimulus; 44 of the opera companies could still have been founded because of audience enthusiasm, and the stimulus' reasoning would still hold up.

    I hope this clarifies the reasoning in this question! And just let me know if you have any further questions.

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