PT4.S4.Q21 - During contructions of the Quebec..

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Why is the answer E. and not D?

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    AC D is too powerful and cannot be proven by the information in the passage. That's probably not satisfying, but it's just the name of the game. Correct MBT/INF. ACs are 100% proven by the passage and are often boring. Be wary of anything that would be difficult to prove, i.e., powerful ACs. "Only a more rigorous application of mathematical analysis" could have prevented the bridge collapsing is difficult to prove. That means nothing else could have prevented its collapse. What about duct tape? Did the stimulus rule out duct tape definitively?

    AC E is supported by the passage. We know that whatever mathematical analysis that was incorporated in engineering rules of thumb prior to 1907 was insufficient to completely assure the safety of bridges under construction because the Quebec Bridge collapsed.

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    Thank you! That was very helpful and I understand it now. @claremont

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