PT4.S2.Q19 - The efficiency of microwave ovens

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Can anyone explain to me why C is incorrect and D is the right answer choice?

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    Tough question! I'd say C and D are very, very similar, but D is a bit more general. Usually, the more "general" and broad/provable choice (especially if it encompasses others) will be right for these MSS questions.

    Both of these choices seem to say that salt can make food poisoning worse, right? So what's the difference? The timeframe. Choice D tells us that it's about putting salt on foods that are to be cooked (i.e., putting the salt on before it is cooked). That makes sense. If you salt it, it cooks less thoroughly.

    Look at Choice C closely - it's about putting salt on foods that have been cooked. That's past tense, meaning they are already cooked! Who cares if I salt my food post-microwave. We're talking about happens when it's salted before/during the microwaving.

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