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Difference between Inference question type and MBT question type

JooxoxoxoJooxoxoxo Monthly Member

Could anyone share what the difference is between Inference question type and MBT question type on 7sage?

And can anyone share in regards to whether doing these questions might help in solving the inference question types on RC?

Thank you.


  • Avatar RokuAvatar Roku Monthly Member
    70 karma

    Inference question type and MBT are the same thing. These questions are provable and you need to find the inference/ what must be true from the statements given to you.

  • maco4538maco4538 Monthly Member
    131 karma

    I disagree ^^^ Inferences and MBT may be similar in principle but they are definitely are NOT the same in practice for the LR section. MBT and its variations are more conditionally prone. The stimulus will follow a conditional logic format, and so will the AC, you'll want to be proficient at "VALID and INVALID argument forms" for these question types (they mainly deal with causal inferences). Inferences in LR are sorta like RC inference questions where they deal with associative inferences, like what views and attitudes can we associate with a viewpoint, or relative to current conditions what is most likely to happen.

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