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Any tips on the latest types of games?

Mike RossMike Ross Member
edited November 2013 in General 46 karma
I know the games in the latest tests are a bit different or perhaps easier as many say. Is it wise to probably work back on the preptests from preptest 70? so that I'm not faced with "oh crap i need more time to practice on this new kind of stuff" a week before the exam.


  • KatherineKatherine Alum Member
    136 karma
    Hi Mike,

    I would recommend saving the most recent prep tests for the end of your studying. That way, you're taking the tests that will be most similar to your real upcoming test at the end (saving the best for last.....) It depends on how much time you have to study. I don't think running out of test material should be a problem, unless you are studying full-time for longer than 3 months.

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