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LG Brute Force understanding

keylimequeen88-1keylimequeen88-1 Core Member
in Logic Games 50 karma

Hello...I am wanting to start PTs and am nearing the end of the LG curriculum. Toward the end, I am struggling with the games. I have made a pile of the games I am really lost on. Before I start PTs, should I BRUTE FORCE understanding on all of the games in my pile? Or start PTs and brute force one game a day while PTing? I haven't taken a diagnostic and have been studying since March/April. #help


  • TokhajaanTokhajaan Member
    130 karma

    drilling and brute force is the best way to get better at LG.

  • Scott MilamScott Milam Member Administrator Moderator Sage 7Sage Tutor
    1269 karma

    I would start taking 1-2 PTs a week while actively foolproofing as many games as possible. During my study time, I took an 2 LGs sections a week in addition to the PTs. That should give you plenty of games to chew on!

    As you do so, make sure you are aiming for efficiency as well as accuracy! A 1- or 2-star game that took you 10 mins to complete is often worse than if you had completed the same game and missed 1-2 questions, since you had to steal time from game 4 to complete it!

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  • keylimequeen88-1keylimequeen88-1 Core Member
    50 karma

    Great thank you!

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