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Question on brute force strategy in LG

dazedandconfused-1dazedandconfused-1 Member
in Logic Games 258 karma

Hey all,

I had a question on Logic Games, specifically those questions that don't give any additional clue and require you to at least have to brute force a few of the question choices. (CBT, MBT questions)

When I watch the LG explanation videos, because JY does his explanation on a sketchpad, it's easy for him to draw the game board and erase the game pieces after he's done brute forcing one of the answer choices. I realized we can't do this, since our LG game boards are done on a scratch paper.

When you go through the answer choices, do you redraw the gameboard/game pieces for each of the answer choice, or do you have one game board and erase the game pieces after you've tried out the answer choice? Would love to get advice on how you do these questions!

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