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auto drill builder feature request: need ability to select from which PTs to drill from

Thank you JYThank you JY Core Member
in General 323 karma

for instance, PTs 1-35

currently will include practice problems from the most recent exams and we are instructed by JY to save those for PTing


  • enddya2enddya2 Core Member
    26 karma

    I agree! Was very disappointed to see that a drill I took used a question from the I feel like that entire prep test is ruined.

  • Thank you JYThank you JY Core Member
    323 karma

    @enddya2 pain

    Mods can you make this happen because as it is the auto build feature is not usable

  • Thank you JYThank you JY Core Member
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  • snowcap007snowcap007 Member
    edited October 2022 180 karma


  • snowcap007snowcap007 Member
    180 karma

    Bump, also @"Juliet --Student Service--" could you look into making this possible?

  • Paula --Student Service--Paula --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
    848 karma

    @LSAT_Athlete @snowcap007 Sorry, at this time, the Auto Builder does not have an option to choose which PrepTests you would like to pull questions from. However, I have taken note of your concern, and I will share it to my team.

    Currently, there are four options from which drilling questions are selected from:

    1. Particular tags: Drill based on specific question types from the reserved drilling pool mostly (PT 1-45).
    2. Incorrect when last taken - PrepTests: Drill only the questions that you missed from PrepTests.
    3. Incorrect when last taken - Drilling Pool: Drill only the questions that you missed from past drills.
    4. Let 7Sage Virtual Tutor Pick: Let the 7Sage Virtual Tutor use machine learning to pick items based on the results of your most recently completed PrepTests.
  • aspr2023aspr2023 Yearly Member
    9 karma

    +1. It would be so helpful to retrict the range of PTs auto builder uses.

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