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LSAT Study Meeting Gangnam

Webby_SongdoWebby_Songdo Alum Member

My name is Ken Kim. We are a group of Koreans and Korean-Americans planning to take the LSAT either this October or in a couple of years. We have members scoring from 160-175 either on the official test or practice tests. Some of us are committed full-time to the test while some of us are working at a company, law firm, etc. We meet on the following dates at the Gangnam station Exit 9 Wing Study Cafe.

2:00 pm-5:00 pm, Sunday

We usually meet and do questions from LR and RC. We match our answers and discuss why each one of us have chosen an answer we chose. The fee for joining the study is free other than paying for the studying cafe fee which is 1,900 KRW per person for each hour (5,700 KRW total).

If you are interested, please send me a message to my inbox. I will direct you further. Thanks!

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