Score Regression - October LSAT

Starting to stress out because my scores are regressing and October LSAT is exactly a month away. Scored 170 once and haven't been able to since, ranging between 164-169, 163 being the worst in the last few months. My original aim was 175 (aiming for T-14 schools) but after studying for more than a year, I'm just so tired. I feel like I have made so much progress in terms of understanding the test but my scores do not reflect this (although I scored 158 last two real exams so not reverting back to 150s is a good sign I guess). I am lowering my goal to 170 which is not a low score by any means but I'm afraid T-14 will not be possible for me with anything lower than this. What can I do to make sure I am able to score this on the real thing?

I think my main problem is not knowing what to do after BR and going through the wrong answers. I BR thoroughly and my BR scores are almost always in the mid-170s (although for PT 90 this past week was 168). I watch the explanations for questions I missed and I was unsure about. However, what do I do next? I have tried writing in the wrong answer journal the way to approach missed questions but I don't think they have helped. I take one test every Saturday and BR thoroughly but maybe I'm not doing the necessary studying and drilling the days between those PTs. The day I take the test should be the least hectic day, correct? At the moment, it feels like the most. How should I be studying or drilling on the days I'm not taking a PT? Should I go back to fundamentals, drill a question type or passage or take full section tests every day? Maybe I'm not taking enough section tests (I take maybe one or two the whole week) because whenever I start the full PT, it feels like oh shit what do I do now so maybe the section tests would be helpful in establishing good habits under timed conditions.

It feels like I am nearing the finish line but haven't achieved remotely what I set out to. Please help, any and all advice appreciated!


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    From the fact that you routinely BR in the mid-170s, I wouldn't say returning to fundamentals is really your best option here - you don't appear to be lacking in that regard. My gut feeling is you're probably overthinking ACs when you take PTs. We are in very similar position, where I am PTing roughly the same as you and BR same as you. I have noticed a small dip in score when I tend to way way over think ACs. And I only tend to do this when I'm taking a full PT. So to rectify that I have just been doing full LSATs every other day, and on the day between I drill either specific question types or LG. By doing 3+ tests a week my anxiety has gone way down, and each test feels less daunting than the last. Plus my instinct for correct ACs has shot way up with this method. I would just work on endurance and testing mindset if I were you! Good luck, you got this!!

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