PT88.S3.Q7(P2) - The path a historical novelist...

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I was tripped by q7 and q12 of this passage, as I didn't equate "historical novel"in psg-A with "real life events", which it seems after looking at credited choice LSAC test makers expect you to. I read it more as a novel set during some historical period.
Due to this reason alone, I eliminated credited choice for central theme in both passages question (q7) that included "real events", and picked another choice that i didn't particularly like.

Isn't that a presumption from test makers about "historical novel"? Isn't "historical novel" a novel, so it's not necessarily "real"?

Why do lsat test makers presume that "historical novel" means real events only?

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    parts of a historical novel don't have to have only historical events, but they do have to have some events based on history. I guess if you assume history isn't real, you wouldn't get the answer, but you should assume it is indeed real lol. Historical fiction novels will not be all correct, but are based on a real historical event or time period.

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