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123Fiona123Fiona Monthly Member

Hi ,

I am planning on taking the January LSAT and i want a study buddy.
It would really help to have study sessions and go through test prep together.

I can do online, or in person.
I am free anytime after 4pm + weekends.


  • mattklassen.28mattklassen.28 Monthly Member
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    How far along are you in your studying?

  • laura_lololaura_lolo Monthly Member
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    I also live in Vancouver and planning on writing in January!

  • scottmatscottmat Monthly Member
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    I'm in Victoria, and will be writing in November (and possibly January as well). Send me a message if you'd like to set something up

  • I'm in the Vancouver area and planning on taking the January LSAT! I'm just powering through the last of the curriculum right now and will be moving on to PTs in the next few weeks, would be great to have someone to take the same PTs with to discuss strengths/challenges and share resources! Let me know if you would like to set up a group zoom session or something.

  • 123Fiona123Fiona Monthly Member
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    Previously i have been practicing in free sites( like Khan academy etc) , but i just started at 7Sage. It is my first official test, but i do want to do really good, and i want to grind as much as i can.

    Do you guys have discord ? I created a server:
    We can connect there and decide more precisely.

    If you do not have discord, you can message me personally, i ll share my number and we can connect.

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