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GPA on resume and in academic section of applications?

ilovemydog17ilovemydog17 Member
edited October 2022 in Law School Admissions 68 karma

Hi two questions regarding my GPA for my applications, all help is greatly appreciated thank you!

First - should I put my GPA on my resume? and if so, should I put the LSAC CAS one or my academic GPA, or both with labels?

My LSAC CAS gpa is 0.03 higher than my academic one from my undergraduate school, so not much of a difference, but for some schools the LSAC one is above median and the academic one is below the median.

Secondly - in the the academic section of some schools application it asks for GPA, so for this, which one should I put or should I put both with labels?

  1. GPA on resume?5 votes
    1. yes put one from undergraduate school
    2. yes put CAS LSAC calculated one
    3. both with labels
    4. no
  2. GPA in academic section on applications5 votes
    1. LSAC CAS calculated one
    2. undergraduate school given one
    3. both with labels
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