155 Jan 22 - 158 Oct 22

The title says it all.. I’m dejected, demotivated and so disappointed. Honestly I don’t even know what to say..


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    I’m sorry you’re so disappointed<3 I’ve found my scores haven’t always reflected what I know I’m capable of and the plateaus I’ve hit have all lasted far longer than I would have liked. It’s incredibly frustrating when your score doesn’t reflect the work you’ve put in and progress made but I think if you stepped away from it for a bit and really forced yourself to be kind to yourself, you might feel refreshed and ready to return to this stupid test. I hope you get the chance to take it again if you want to, and also want to stress that I personally know of at least one person with a score lower than yours who ended up at a school she didn’t think was in her reach and is very happy. Best of luck!

  • markmywordsmarkmywords Core Member
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    So sorry :(

  • Zoe.blevinsZoe.blevins Member
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    Honestly, the improvement you made is awesome! Like the person above me said I know people who thought their score wouldn't get them anywhere and they got into their top choice. Its so easy to compare yourself with other people online or where you think you should be to the point that it clouds your perception of the incredible progress you've already made. While the LSAT is important, your application is so much more than just that number. Whether or not you take the test again or apply now I wish you the best of luck moving forward!!!!!!

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    158 is very good. I would be over the moon. Tie that score with a solid PS and LOR and You're competitive to a lot of respectable schools.

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    I'm currently in that same range and have only tested a 162 once and have not been able to get that score since I took that PT, so I completely understand what you're feeling. What has helped me is to remember that test scores don't define you or your abilities. While getting a good score can be important, beating yourself up is not worth sacrificing your mental health. 158 is also not a bad score! I would be happy with that score and I think it's important to look at how much improvement you have made since you started!

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