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Free LSAT Group Tutoring Gangnam

Webby_GangnamWebby_Gangnam Alum Member

I recently took a PT untimed and got a 170. I am looking to meet anyone living in Seoul to meet and talk about the LSAT and maybe deal with whatever we can. I know how to approach and study for the test now but we can maybe meet and talk about what we can do to improve. I think essentially it is productive to meet offline and talk about this. We can meet at Wing Study Café at Exit 9 of Gangnam station. They charge 1,900 KRW per hour for each person. In other words, if we meet for three hours, the cost would be 5,700 KRW per person. I can also tutor for free if anyone is just starting and want to learn the basics of the LSAT. If we meet for a tutoring, we would divide the cost of using the study café 1/n. In other words, no need to pay me anything other than the fee for using the study café for yourself. Please send me an inbox. Thanks!

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