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LSAT Writing and LSAT Scores

claud.6claud.6 Monthly Member
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I am scheduled to write the November LSAT this Saturday and I still don't feel completely ready for it. I have not yet written my LSAT writing and haven't looked into it yet as I have been pretty focused on studying for the LSAT itself. I know there is the option to write the LSAT writing after the exam, but you may not receive your LSAT score until your writing sample is completed. Although the application deadline to my top two school choices is Dec 1, but I am waiting to get my score back to decide (depending on my score) if I want to cancel it and rewrite for the January exam. I am wondering how long it usually takes for LSAT score to come back and if I would be setting myself up by waiting and writing my written portion after my exam Saturday.


  • juliannariv19juliannariv19 Monthly + Live Member
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    I took the LSAT on a Saturday and did the writing portion on the Monday after and I received my score at the same time everyone else did. I would not stress too much over the writing section. Most of the prompts are the same (asking to argue a position) so I would recommend looking over past examples of responses and use those as a guide. I hope this helped! You got this and good luck!

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