PT19.S4.Q11 - five thousand of the 50,000 books published

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For some reason I picke answer choice (D) in this question the first time around, during BR I knew that (D) was incorrect because it did not address the issue at all. and also the word "some" threw me off. I crossed out every answer choice except for (B) but I don't think I quite understand why. This math-y argument threw me off lol could somebody better explain this question to me? Thanks.


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    This a a serious case of term-flipping. All of the premises talk about novels whereas the conclusion is about books. 25 films in Z were based on novels and the conclusion states, of the 100 films in 1992, no more than 25 of them were based on books. But what if there were other films based on non-fiction books (I.e. Not novels)? Then the conclusion wouldn't hold and there would be more than 25 book-based films.

    Therefore if we know B to be true, it allows us to properly draw the conclusion because it eliminates this possibility.

    As for D, just knowing that 1 film was a remake wouldn't bring us any closer to drawing the conclusion about book based films.

    Hope this helps!
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    @c.janson35 thank you.
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